Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thundercats On DVD

December 6, Thundercats: Season 1, Vol 1 & 2 is slated to be released on DVD! Exciting shit! The cartoon intro's always get me so hyped up!!! LOL!

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Panthro is definately my favorite Thundercat... he's just so cool! Nearly every Thundercats fan I've talked to regards Panthro as the token minority character. And it's basically true. As hard as it might seem to get a black stereotype into a children's cartoon about a bunch of humanoid cats with Twisted Sister hairdos, they pulled it off. Essentially, Panthro is the 'black guy' of the group. And if you've watched enough cartoons in your day, you'd know that the producers somehow firmly believe that every black guy must talk like a weathered jazz musician who knows how to fix cars, and Panthro's no exception. Also, I'm not sure if I'm right on this or not, but I always considered Panthro the oldest of the group. I'm not sure if that's due to his grand insight, calm and collected outlook on things, or simply because he's bald. Either way, even for a Thundercat, those are some pretty fucking pointy ears.

Btw, it just occured to me that it looks a lot like Mumm-Ra lives in the same pyramid that's on the back of a one dollar bill! Speaking of Mumm-Ra... the badass villain of the show seemed to have all the tools... red eyes, Adonis physique, sword, confetti hanging off his helmet... but there was one very dubious way to end his evil ways: show him his reflection. Nice, huh? Lion-O and Mumm-Ra would be about to fight their long-awaited duel, and all us kids (yes, Jennifer and Kristy watched the show too) would jump from our seats waiting for the swords to strike. Then Mumm-Ra would see his reflection in Lion-O's sword, turn into a mummy, and run off. This happened in about 80% of the episodes. Tell me something... if that's all it took, why didn't all the good guys just wear mirrorplates on their chests? Mumm-Ra's really stuck in a tough spot... let's say he was pining to attack, but all the Thundercats were off eating in a Chinese restaurant. There's no way Mumm-Ra could even think about winning the battle there... those places are covered in mirrors.


Ron said...

Yeah, Panthro was definitely from the hood, as Charles waould say. I think Tigra was the gay one. Cheetara was HOT! It's hard to say who my favorite one is, I guess I'll have to go with Liono. I wonder if the series where he has to pass all of those trials is in season 1 or I know what I want for X-Mas/Hannukah/whatever! And Jen can't make fun of me because she used to watch it, too!

Frank said...

Yeah, we all watched the same cartoons... He-Man, She-Ra, Voltron, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Danger Mouse, Fraggle Rock, etc...