Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Always Something!

It's always something... I was thinking earlier in the day that this might be my first real normal day in a long time. However, destiny would not have it that way! There always has to be some weird situation that becomes a travesty of sorts.

I'm driving home from the gym... my legs are still quite sore! Rather than take the shortest avenue home, I take a pleasant scenic route through the back roads of Pflugerville. It was an absolutely beautiful night; not a cloud in the sky. So I decide to open the sun roof (I hate opening it during the day because the sun always manages to irritate my eyes) and crank up the music (of course I most definitely have the loudest sound system in the area!)

I'm cruising down the road listening to Seven by Prince when I come to a red light. I honestly don't know where my mind wandered off to, but it clearly wasn't in the car with me... I treated the red light as a four way stop. I made a complete stop, and then I went right through the red light. I didn't even realize what I had done. About 30 seconds later, I see some red and blue lights appear out of nowhere! Just then it occurred to me that I ran that red light.

What could I possibly say... what defense could I give... I had no reasonable excuse for running the light... day dreaming won't work as a great excuse! I'm so screwed, and this time it was unconditionally my fault! Joking with police officers had worked in the past, maybe it would work again... hell, I was too exhausted to think of anything funny to say.

I rolled down my window to greet the officer... hey, I recognized this guy from somewhere, perhaps high school. I remembered the face, but that's about it. What the hell was his name... Jeremy... Derek... Adam... hell, I couldn't remember! My memory has really deteriorated over the last several years! Apparently he remembered me though... he didn't even ask for my id, he just started right in to "hey man, you remember when..." The fact of the matter was that I did not remember his name or any story he told, but I sure as hell played along like I did! After discussing my car speakers for awhile, he finally left, and I was spared getting a ticket. I still can't think of his name or where I know him from!


Elemmaciltur said...

Well, you sure were lucky!

Frank said...

First good luck I've had in awhile!

lgl said...

Is he blonde?

drunkbh said...


lgl said...

It might have been Mayo? He is a pville cop now and was a year older than us.