Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's Always Something!

Today has been an incredibly long day (not bad, not great... just long), and I'm overjoyed that it's finally winding down!

When I woke up this morning, my legs ached very badly! For awhile, it felt like my legs were going to buckle under each step I took. Yesterday, my entire workout was just focused on legs... don't think I'll do that again! Luckily I just finished my template training... now it's on to German volume training beginning Monday afternoon. Justin says it's awesome, but I'll be completely sore for about a week after starting it.

Work was considerably interesting today. Normally, we get a significant amount of bad customers in on Mondays... however, each time a holiday falls on a Monday, we get these preposterous people all week instead! So naturally, it was just one after another today. In all fairness, I actually do enjoy dealing with the difficult and irrational people. They're so easy to toy with, and they never even catch on to that fact!

Later on, I had a meeting with my management staff... Beverlee, my customer service manager... Matt, my warehouse manager... Sean, my planogram and signage manager... and Carla, my merchandising manager. It first started off great! We ordered some lunch from Jason's Deli... they were way late in delivering the food to us, so they gave us some free cookies! As our meeting progressed, Matt became confrontational with Sean... I stepped in, and then the heated exchange was completely between Matt and myself. I had to dismiss the other three so I could finish up with Matt... I could tell they felt unusually awkward... they scurried out of the room immediately when I suggested that they leave. I felt so bad for Carla because I just recently promoted her (so this was her first big meeting with me). I hope she wasn't too freaked out by the squabble.

After that lovely meeting that didn't quite go the way I had intended, Patrick (one of my warehouse associates) cut his left wrist on some glass while placing garbage in the trash compactor. He's a tough kid... wasn't bleeding too badly, but he was clearly in a great deal of pain. After I got him taken care of, I decided that I had experienced enough upheaval for one day and went home!


Anonymous said...

I think that we should wait awhile before we have another meeting! I'm too old for this shit! :-D

Frank said...

It may have been awkward for you, but I actually enjoyed myself!

lgl said...

Must be nice to just say I had enough and to go home.

Frank said...

LOL! I was already there 2 hours past my scheduled time off... I simply decided I wouldn't stick around for anymore excitement!

Siren said...

So what did you say to that guy after the others left?

Frank said...

I said, "Bitch, be cool!"