Monday, July 11, 2005

No Work Today!

Today was not a bad day at all. First off, I get a call from Eagle Transmission early this morning. My transmission and clutch are in excellent condition... so, to you hippies that told me that I didn't know how to drive my own car, screw you! LOL! I guess the only problem is that the car still occasionally makes a weird noise that no one can explain.

It's great to have the car back (even with the jacked up rear end and hot pink painted under-carriage). Kimball's car had no XM and the air conditioner wasn't working very well at all. It's been entirely too hot outside recently for the air conditioner to not be working correctly! I dropped his car off to get looked at. I think it just needed some more freon.

Today's workout at the gym was particularly hard. Leg day on the German volume training. I can take the pain relatively easy on any other part of my body, but when my legs start hurting, I feel sick to my stomach! I am proud that I did complete the entire workout for the legs today, even with the constant possibility of me throwing up the entire time! Afterwards, Justin wanted to see if I could run... I took about five steps running when my legs just about gave out on me and I almost landed on my face. Everyone within viewing distance should have been thoroughly entertained by my stumble!

Finally got to see The Fantastic Four tonight. It wasn't the greatest movie ever created, but I still really enjoyed it... I may be a bit biased because I love the comic book so much. Damn, Chris Evans (Johnny Storm / The Human Torch) is so incredibly hot! He's got such a sexy body, and the movie showed it several times! That may have made me even more biased on my praise of the movie.

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*Grrrrrrrrrrr* Chris Evans *purs*