Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Daily Dilemma

I love the people I work with... hell, it's even fun to get to play with all the new electronics day in and day out... I'm definitely in a nice comfort zone... however, I unquestionably despise my job whenever my district manager or regional vice-president are involved. I have no respect for either one of them... they have no leadership skills and they constantly make the worst decisions possible.

I'm completely at a loss on how I should continue. Should I stay and just put up with their hypocrisy and corruption... should I expose them and probably get fired in the process... should I simply move on to something new... I just don't know. I'm afraid that anything I choose will be the wrong choice!

I'm gut is telling me to move on at the moment. The only problem I have goes back to the beginning... I love the people I work with. I need to make sure that they are all taken care of before I decide to leave.

1 comment:

lgl said...

uh I think ppl would move with you. Sure it wouldnt be overnight, but overtime as you could move ppl I bet they would come.

...but if you are going to leave why not expose the hyprocricy?