Friday, July 08, 2005

Time For Bed!

Longer day at work today. I got there at 6:00am because our janitor service was supposed to clean the floors this morning (in fact, they just called yesterday to confirm their visit for this morning)... well, they didn't show up until 8:30am! I was slightly perturbed by this!

My store is the oldest store in the district (I think it's 15 years old). It needs to be relocated badly (or at least remodeled!) The store is so ghetto looking inside because the layout and the building are ancient and outdated! I spent the entire day trying to make the store at least appear more presentable than it's looked in years. I didn't get finish until 9:00pm.

I'm completely accustomed to working all day, but today just wiped me out for some reason! I am so exhausted, physically and mentally! I really wanted to go see The Fantastic Four tonight, but I'm just too drained! I think I'm going go to bed in just a few minutes... gotta be back at the store at 7:00am tomorrow morning! Just what I needed!


Snake in Fall said...

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Have a good day!

Pred said...

What store do you work at taht you have to be there so early?

lgl said...

they just helped you extend the thrill ;p

Frank said...

I like to call this place my own personal inner-circle of hell!