Monday, August 22, 2005

One Truth

This is an old trailer I downloaded long ago for Star Wars Episode I : The Phantom Menace.

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Now while my character and personality has always been a close fit to Anakin Skywalker, I’m usually compared to Darth Maul… as compassionate and caring as I am almost all the time, the people closest to me know that I can be absolutely unforgiving and relentlessly ruthless to those who cross me.

Sadly, I’ll admit it’s true. I’ll seriously fuck someone up who fucks with me or particularly someone I care about or love! (Which is typically why people always want me around when shit happens.)

I need to learn to be more forgiving. Once I lose trust in someone or something, it typically never comes back… and if it does, it’s usually never the same. I find this to be the case in many situations I’ve been in (especially at work.)

For instance... I always make it a point to make sure that all my associates are taken care of. They know that I'll bend over backwards for them. I feel this is the most important thing I do at work. I was given the nickname, Frank the Destroyer, long ago because I am vicious and intolerant with people who betray my trust or try to jack around with my employees (I'm extremely protective of my staff!!!)


The Seeker said...

All well and good, but did you sleep yet? Did the post I wrote help at all?

Frank said...

Over the last 3 days, I've slept more than I have all week. Still not perfect though, but what is? LOL!

Thanks! :-D

Ron said...

Who the hell compares you to Darth Maul? (well, besides YOU). I always thought you were more of a Captain Panaka, very Panaka-esque. He was vital to the series, you know.

Frank said...

Not as vital as your portrayal of C3PO!

BTW... What does Marcellus Wallace look like?