Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sabbatical Nearing An End

As my week long vacation comes to a close, I’d have to say it went well. I didn’t go anywhere special… didn’t do anything crazy… wasn’t even relaxing for the most part, but I still really enjoyed it. This was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had in a really long time! Just got a lot accomplished.
  • Keeping my old job… not moving on. Various reasons, but nonetheless, staying put and I’m pretty content with that.
  • Finally got a new remote-start / alarm for my car after I destroyed my other piece of shit one back in early July (refer back to previous post, The Series of Unfortunate Events Continues). It’s a new brand, and it works marvelously!
  • Went to the optometrist after five years now to get a new contact lens prescription… as it turns out, my vision actually is about the same. I’m probably gonna get the laser surgery next year since my eye sight is now stable at nearly blind.
  • Got my dryer rewired for the new apartment… to be exact my dad did the rewiring. I didn’t want to be held responsible if the place burned down while I was drying clothes. Anyway, now that it’s functional, I’m nearly all unpacked now.
  • Purchased a 42” Panasonic plasma tv a couple days ago. This ensures I’ll be broke until the end of the year. It looks freaking awesome!
Overall, I’m pleased with my time-away from work. I was able to get some things accomplished that I’ve been putting off. Though there wasn’t a lot of rest time, I do feel refreshed. Sometimes certain people and circumstances make my life quite unbalanced, for good or bad… and I just need a little time to regain my focus.


celtgirl said...

It's good to take time just for you. Even if you are doing things the entire time and not "resting", it's time spent by you on you and that is a very valuable thing.
It's one of the reasons I go to Vegas at least twice a year.
You should probably do it more often.

drunkbh said...

I did nothing on my vacation and loved it. I got nothing accomplished. Now, I feel bad.

Be careful with the lasik surgery. I've heard some bad stories about it.

Mad Munkey said...

What a great feeling. You sound 100% better than when I started reading your blog and you were totally depressed...

Frank said...

Celtgirl - Yeah... I'm definately gonna do that! I don't get out to Vegas enough! LOL!

Drunkbh - I do have some concerns about the Lasik... but it won't be til sometime next year. That should give me pleny of time to do an adequate amount of research on the matter.

Mad Munkey - Thanks! You just caught me at a really bad time before! Things are much better! I just needed some time to try to stablize some shit. I greatly appreciate your concern and support!

lgl said...

did you post this before or after the tv broke? maybe you just jinxed yourself!

Frank said...

It was after it broke. Since everything got taken care of, I wasn't really upset about the situation at all. If anything, it was more funny than anything else! :-P