Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Future of Digital Cinema is Here!

So I finally had the exciting opportunity to view Revenge of the Sith at a DLP (Digital Light Processor) theater last night. I was simply expecting that the picture would look a better, etc. To my surprise, I was absolutely astonished! The picture and sound quality were remarkable! The clarity and detail were incredible. The DLP's can produced up to 35 trillion colors! It was like watching a high definition movie on a 200 ft plasma TV.

It's sad to think that not many movies are shot digitally, so currently there would be a big push for theaters to get more DLP's. I mean there are only two movies out at the moment that were filmed digitally, Revenge of the Sith and Madagascar. In addition, there are only slightly over 200 theaters worldwide that even have DLP projectors... only four theaters in Texas. The Galaxy over near Highland Mall is the only one in the Austin area.

I'll definitely need to go see Star Wars again on the DLP sometime this next week... or maybe next week when I'm off of work! Long live DLP!

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