Saturday, May 14, 2005

New to Jazz?

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. One in particular is jazz. I find that most of my friends aren't really into it though. They just can't get the feel for it, I guess. Many of them have tried to add jazz to their own personal musical mélange but simply don't know where to begin.

Two fantastic albums I recommend are The Essence of Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen & the Tonight Show Band, Vol 1. Most of the music on these two albums are very upbeat, so those who primarily listen to a lot of contemporary music should be able to appreciate this kind of jazz!

I love the all of the music on both of these albums, but my favorites would have to be Birdland and MacArthur's Park (Maynard Ferguson) and Sax Alley (Doc Severinsen).


Anonymous said...

I dont listen to Jazz but tons of my music has Jazz style in the background. I know Janet has used jazz in many of her songs.

Frank said...

I have noticed that many artists nowadays are very creative with their music, incorporating many different styles and genres into their own! I'll need to listen to some jazzy Janet songs! :-D

XM Channels 70 (Real Jazz), 71 (Watercolors), and 72 (Beyond Jazz) typically play some great music too!

lgl said...

yay for reccomendations not just being a music snob. make me copies!

Frank said...

Me, a snob? Of course not! That's too much beneath me! :-)