Saturday, May 28, 2005

Starting the day on the right foot

It's so dark outside... the rain is pouring so hard. This morning, the weather truly does reflect how my soul feels. Hopefully all the tears shed by the day will help wash away some of the anguish and sorrow. I actually did cry myself to sleep last night... haven't done that in a long time!

Take my broken heart and torn up soul out of the equation, today hasn't really started off badly. I saw Ron this morning while I was getting my car fueled up and got to talk to him a bit... I think he was getting breakfast at McDonalds (not really sure, didn't ask). At work, our point of sale system was completely down. Now typically, this is a catastrophically bad thing!!! The UPS that powered on the backup system was dead. Since I'm quite familiar with electrical circuit theory, I was able to get it fixed (well, "rigged" is a more accurate term) without much problem, so everything is up and running.

I'm confident that today and next week will be great!

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