Monday, May 16, 2005


I get some nice perks working at an electronics retailer. I get merchandise discounted, sometimes even straight from the manufacturer themselves (at ridiculously low prices, even free at times)... but my friend Ron has one of the best job perks, especially now. Ron is a manager at our local theater, Cinemark Tinseltown 20. He gets to preview movies before they're released to the general public.

That punk, Ron, just text messaged me that he's about to watch Revenge of the Sith in 30 minutes!!! I'm so JEALOUS!!! LOL! I have to wait two more days!!! Ahhhhh!!!


lgl said...

tonight is the night. i didnt get an invite, (which is fine I dont care tht much) but for you and Alex I hope its great! PS what did Ron say about it?

Frank said...

Ron thought it was great! I almost got to see the movie last night, but Jennifer ruined it!!! Ron was going to sneak us in last night to watch it, but Jennifer forced him to ask his boss first... surprisingly enough, his boss said NO! She did the ethical thing, so I respect that... but I could have seen the movie last night! Ahhhh! LOL! :-D